Ponte 16 is located in the heart of the Inner Harbor of Macau, along the waterfront on the western side of the Macau Peninsula. Its ideal location makes it easily accessibly by all modes of public transport.


Address: ANDAR 4, Rua das Lorchas e Rua do Visconde Paço de Arcos,
entre Pontes 12A a 20, Macau.




Shuttle Bus Service


Ponte 16 Resort Macau <-> Border Gate

Service Hours : 09:00 – 22:50

Frequency :  Every 13 minutes



Ponte 16 Resort Macau <-> Macau Ferry Terminal

Service Hours : 09:00 – 23:00

Frequency :  Every 15 minutes




Car Hire

We, Ponte 16, provide the car hiring services to you! If you like to go around by yourself with a map and Guide, you can hire a car. Kindly click here and fill the related information. A world of glamour and fascination waits you at Ponte 16!




Alfer (7 seats) – MOP200/hour




For journeys on Macau peninsula there is a flat fare at MOP$3.20. If you travel to Taipa, it costs MOP$4.20 and if your destination is Coloane village MOP$5.00. If you go to Hác Sá, you will pay MOP$6.40.


For those wishing to go from Macau to the Airport or back, the special bus service AP1 costs MOP$4.20 per person.




There are two kinds of taxis: the black with cream roof ones and the yellow ones. The flagfall charge is MOP$13.00 for the first 1600 meters. MOP$1.50 will be added for every 230 meters afterwards. Waiting on passengers' request will be charged for MOP$1.50 for every 60 seconds. There is also radio-taxi-service -

tel. (853) 2851 9519, 2893 9939, 8500 0000 & 2828 3283.


There is a MOP$3.00 surcharge for each piece of luggage carried in the boot; MOP$5.00 surcharge for boarding taxi at the Macau Airport or journeys from Macau to Coloane; no surcharge from Macau to Taipa or from the islands to Macau, but between Taipa and Coloane, a MOP$2.00 surcharge applies.