2024-01-20Ponte 16 Proudly Supports the 22nd Macao City Fringe Festival “In A City of Visible Music” Step into the Inner Harbour of Macau with Music “Cargo” and Embark on an Artistic Journey Through the Lens of Music!
2023-10-22Ponte 16 Proudly Supports the "!OUTLOUD - International Street Art Festival Vol.5" Revitalizing the Community of Macau’s Inner Harbour Area through Street Art
2023-04-14Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Presents the "WHEN TAT CHI MET CHI TAT DUO EXHIBITION" Explore the Renewed Understanding of “Life” and “Home” from an Artistic Perspective
2022-11-22‘OLA澳優遊’ – A One-stop Free Platform Featuring Travel Information and Promotions Has Been Upgraded Across the Board
2021-11-01 ‘OLA澳優遊’ – A One-stop Platform Featuring Travel Information and Promotions
2020-08-26 Updated business hours of F&B outlets and leisure facilities at Ponte16 Resort, Macau
2020-05-15 Brighten up Your Day with a Flavourful Meal Ponte 16 Exclusive Dining Offers for Macau Locals Up to 30% Discount
2020-02-19 Ponte 16 gradually resumed business operations of casino, hotel and F&B outlets
2020-02-05 Special Arrangements During Prevention and Control
2020-01-31 Updated business hours of F&B outlets and leisure facilities at Ponte16 Resort, Macau
2020-01-23 Celebrating the Year of the Rat with Ponte 16 Winning the Prize up to HKD 10,000 exclusively
2019-05-11 Ponte 16 Celebrates the Mother’s Day with Grass-roots Families at Angry Birds Play Center
2019-04-18 Have Great Fun with Angry Birds Macau’s First Angry Birds-themed Kids’ Play Center Opens at Ponte 16!
2019-01-01Ponte 16 New Year’s Eve Countdown Music Party 2018 Famous Artistes, Nancy Wu, Matthew Ho and Alan Po Welcome the Advent of 2019
2019-01-25Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Delivers Lunar New Year Rewards with Fabulous Prizes to Celebrate for the Year of the Pig
2018-10-16Ponte 16 Busking Contest Fulfil your dream on the street stage
2018-12-14The six finalists of “Ponte 16 Busking Contest” have been selected Vote for your favourite performer and win aprize
2018-09-27Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Celebrates the 10th Amazing Year
2018-09-28Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Presents “Lucky Golden Week” Draw
2018-06-14Hop on a “Summer VIVA” Moment at Ponte 16 Resort, Macau!
2018-08-06Ponte 16 Resort, Macau gives away dining coupons, supporting “SJM provides benefits to SME restaurants in San Ma Lou and Inner Harbour area, for the for the promotion of Macau as the City of Gastronomy” campaign
2018-02-21 Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Celebrates the 10th Anniversary Reward Customers with “$10 Crazy Offers”
2018-01-01Ponte 16 Presents New Year’s Eve Countdown Music Party C AllStar and Terrence Chui Welcome the New Year with Their Pleasant Voices
2018-02-13Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Brings Chinese New Year Lucky Draw Celebrating the Year of Dog with “Angry Bird”
2017-11-16Ponte 16 Resort and SJM Volunteer Team Join Hand with SJM Theodore Racing to Bring Positive Energy into Community
2017-12-07Celebrate Christmas and New Year at Ponte 16 Resort A Joyful Music Event plus Fascinating Festive Gourmet
2017-05-11Enjoy the French experience at Ponte 16 Resort, Macau
2017-08-01Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Introduces Summer Fun Campaign
2017-11-07Ponte 16 Resort Brings to Town G Racing Simulator and Golden Autumn Dining Experience
2017-05-10Ponte 16 holds series of events for Mother’s Day
2017-01-01Ponte 16 presents New Year’s Eve Countdown Music Party Hong Kong and Macau Artists Celebrated the Night with Live Music and Dances
2016-12-07Ponte 16 Presents New Year’s Eve Countdown Music Party Celebrating with Entertainment and Performance by Hong Kong and Macau Artists
2016-11-18Ponte 16 Presents “Winter Amazing Rewards” Enjoy Numerous Entertainment and Dining Offers to Win Grand Prize
2016-08-10Ponte 16 Tasty Trip
2016-07-29Summer Fun In Ponte 16         Macau Resident Enjoy Free 3D World Admission Ticket
2016-02-01Exciting Promotions
2016-01-01Ponte 16 Countdown 2015 completed (Chinese only)
2015-12-07Ponte 16 Countdown 2015 (Chinese only)
2015-05-21Pier 16 Macau 3D World Grand Opening on 21 May 2015
2015-02-10The First 3D Museum in Macau Grand Opening in Mid 2015
2014-12-31Ponte 16 Countdown 2014 (Chinese only)
2013-12-31Ponte 16 Countdown (Chinese only)
2013-11-20Ponte 16 Welcome Theodore Racing Team (Chinese only)
2013-11-08MJ Gallery at Ponte 16 launches New Chamber Escape Game – “DANGEROUS”
2013-07-09MJ Signature Vinvy LP Albums appreciation events (Chinese only)
2012-12-31Ponte 16 Macau New Year's Eve Concert (Chinese only)
2012-10-19Ponte 16 Resort, Macau presents Michael Jackson’s Wardrobe – Gorgeous 25 Years PEPSI x MJ Game on Cans
2012-04-17Pier 16 - Property Development Limited secures HK$1,900 million and RMB400 million 5-Year Syndicated Loan Facilities
2011-09-08Ponte 16 Resort, Macau and New World Department Store present Super Stars’ Memorable Collections Exhibition in China
2011-02-17Celebrating 1st Anniversary of MJ Gallery at Ponte 16, Macau “Hail with Love” Charity Event
2011-01-20Endless Reward at Ponte 16 (Chinese only)
2010-12-312011 Ponte 16 Countdown Show (Chinese Only)
2010-10-09Hollywood “Legends” Auction held at Ponte 16, Macau
2010-09-21Hollywood "Legends" Exhibition in Ponte 16 Macau
2010-08-18Hollywood “Legends” Exhibition and Auction in Ponte 16 Macau
2010-08-05MJ Café at Ponte 16 Grand Opening
2010-06-28“MJ Gallery at Ponte 16” Logo Design Competition
2010-04-29Ponte 16 – “Rock the World” Exhibition
2010-04-20Ponte 16 – “Rock the World” Exhibition Exclusive Sponsor of Julien’s Auctions’ World Exhibition Tour - Macau Station
2010-02-01Exclusive to Asia MJ Gallery at Ponte 16 Grand Opening Macau unveils 40-plus Michael Jackson treasures
2010-01-26Exclusive to Asia - MJ Gallery at Ponte 16, Macau Grand Opening on 1 February
2009-12-13Michael Jackson’s Iconic Collection at Ponte 16 Press Conference