2018-06-14Hop on a “Summer VIVA” Moment at Ponte 16 Resort, Macau!
2018-02-21 Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Celebrates the 10th Anniversary Reward Customers with “$10 Crazy Offers”
2018-02-13Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Brings Chinese New Year Lucky Draw Celebrating the Year of Dog with “Angry Bird”
2018-01-01Ponte 16 Presents New Year’s Eve Countdown Music Party C AllStar and Terrence Chui Welcome the New Year with Their Pleasant Voices
2017-12-07Celebrate Christmas and New Year at Ponte 16 Resort A Joyful Music Event plus Fascinating Festive Gourmet
2017-11-16Ponte 16 Resort and SJM Volunteer Team Join Hand with SJM Theodore Racing to Bring Positive Energy into Community
2017-01-18Adventure Bouncer Zone Now Open at Ponte 16
2017-05-10Ponte 16 holds series of events for Mother’s Day
2017-05-11Enjoy the French experience at Ponte 16 Resort, Macau
2017-08-01Ponte 16 Resort, Macau Introduces Summer Fun Campaign
2017-11-07Ponte 16 Resort Brings to Town G Racing Simulator and Golden Autumn Dining Experience
2017-01-01Ponte 16 presents New Year’s Eve Countdown Music Party Hong Kong and Macau Artists Celebrated the Night with Live Music and Dances
2016-12-07Ponte 16 Presents New Year’s Eve Countdown Music Party Celebrating with Entertainment and Performance by Hong Kong and Macau Artists
2016-11-18Ponte 16 Presents “Winter Amazing Rewards” Enjoy Numerous Entertainment and Dining Offers to Win Grand Prize
2016-08-10Ponte 16 Tasty Trip
2016-07-29Summer Fun In Ponte 16         Macau Resident Enjoy Free 3D World Admission Ticket
2016-02-01Exciting Promotions
2016-01-01Ponte 16 Countdown 2015 completed (Chinese only)
2015-12-07Ponte 16 Countdown 2015 (Chinese only)
2015-05-21Pier 16 Macau 3D World Grand Opening on 21 May 2015
2015-02-10The First 3D Museum in Macau Grand Opening in Mid 2015
2014-12-31Ponte 16 Countdown 2014 (Chinese only)
2013-12-31Ponte 16 Countdown (Chinese only)
2013-11-20Ponte 16 Welcome Theodore Racing Team (Chinese only)
2013-11-08MJ Gallery at Ponte 16 launches New Chamber Escape Game – “DANGEROUS”
2013-07-09MJ Signature Vinvy LP Albums appreciation events (Chinese only)
2012-12-31Ponte 16 Macau New Year's Eve Concert (Chinese only)
2012-10-19Ponte 16 Resort, Macau presents Michael Jackson’s Wardrobe – Gorgeous 25 Years PEPSI x MJ Game on Cans
2012-04-17Pier 16 - Property Development Limited secures HK$1,900 million and RMB400 million 5-Year Syndicated Loan Facilities
2011-09-08Ponte 16 Resort, Macau and New World Department Store present Super Stars’ Memorable Collections Exhibition in China
2011-02-17Celebrating 1st Anniversary of MJ Gallery at Ponte 16, Macau “Hail with Love” Charity Event
2011-01-20Endless Reward at Ponte 16 (Chinese only)
2010-12-312011 Ponte 16 Countdown Show (Chinese Only)
2010-10-09Hollywood “Legends” Auction held at Ponte 16, Macau
2010-09-21Hollywood "Legends" Exhibition in Ponte 16 Macau
2010-08-18Hollywood “Legends” Exhibition and Auction in Ponte 16 Macau
2010-08-05MJ Café at Ponte 16 Grand Opening
2010-06-28“MJ Gallery at Ponte 16” Logo Design Competition
2010-04-29Ponte 16 – “Rock the World” Exhibition
2010-04-20Ponte 16 – “Rock the World” Exhibition Exclusive Sponsor of Julien’s Auctions’ World Exhibition Tour - Macau Station
2010-02-01Exclusive to Asia MJ Gallery at Ponte 16 Grand Opening Macau unveils 40-plus Michael Jackson treasures
2010-01-26Exclusive to Asia - MJ Gallery at Ponte 16, Macau Grand Opening on 1 February
2009-12-13Michael Jackson’s Iconic Collection at Ponte 16 Press Conference